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Everything you need to plan, manage, and analyze tournaments. Give your community and marketing teams the necessary tool to create the best competitive events at scale.

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All formats you can imagine.
Single, Double elimination brackets, Round robin, Arena, and more. Combine them in multi-stage events.
Unlock infinite content possibilities.
Once connected to your game, no additional development is required.
Fully automated tournament orchestration.
From sign-up, through matchmaking, to prize distribution.
Scalable, reliable, and always available.
Whether you expect hundreds or thousands of players, we have you covered.
Powerful yet easy to use.
It's simple for anyone in your team to create and schedule tournaments. No code required!
Unlimited seats included.
Allow anyone in your team to create unique tournament.

Tournament formats

Create tournaments that go beyond imagination

From a small 8-player bracket to multi-phase leagues for thousands of players, we have you covered.
The biggest tournaments in the world are organized using our SDK, allowing thousands of players to compete in real-time.

  • Automated tournament orchestration
    Schedule tournaments and set them as recurring the same way as a meeting in your calendar. Our system is created to be fully autonomous. Sit back and enjoy watching players in action.
  • Ready for all genres
    Run tournaments in any competitive games that need real-time competitive events, whether you've got a 100 players Battle Royale shooter or a heads-up CCG.
  • Level up your in-game economy
    Set the stakes with entry fees and dynamic prize pools. Automatically deducted and distributed to player's gaming account.
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Game SDKs

Get competitive now.
Easy-to implement SDK.

Spend less time on developing complex tournament logic and more time on perfecting your gameplay.

Unreal Engine

Everything you need

The ultimate tournament toolbox

Battle-hardened through millions of live eSports matches.

Scheduling and recurrency
Automation enables you to continue development while players enjoy competing.
Unlimited seats included
Empower anyone in your team to create unique tournaments.
Fully customizable and localized
Tailor full or partial pre-made tournament templates to your needs.
Premium onboarding and support
Our engineers are available for you every step of the way.
Accessible analytics
Clear data to help you optimise community events.
One subscription for all your games
Host all tournaments for your studio in one place.
Connected to your game backend and economy
Seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure and player accounts.

Ready to take your game to the next level?

Create a unique tournament experience tailored to your audience.
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