Unlock your competitive edge

Import the SDK to your game project and start hosting tournaments within a day. Connect your backend to use the full potential of tournaments with entry fees and rewards.

1. Import the SDK.

Kick-start the integration with ready-made screens that are perfect for testing and easy to customise.
2. Connect your backend.

Autheticate your players and use the full potential of tournaments through entry fees and rewards.
3. Manage your tournaments online.

After the first integration, no more code adjustments are needed. All tournaments are scheduled and managed via online dashboard.
Players competed
Daily tournaments
Daily requests
NOC support

Ready-to-use components

Host your first tournament within minutes

Plug-in customizable tournament views so you can quickly host first events on desktop and mobile.

Ready to use components
Bracket renderer, tournaments lists, widgets and more available in the SDK.
Pre-made screens
Speed up your development process with ready to use screens.
Easy to customise
Fully customise the player entire experience for full immersion.
Product screenshot
Product screenshot

Designed by developers for developers

Focus on what's important - your core gameplay.

Save time on complex tournament management tasks. We have helped studios host hundreds of thousands of tournaments; leverage our know-how and supercharge your game.

Ultimate tournament toolbox

Everything your competitive game needs

Whether you need a straightforward single elimination bracket or an elaborate multi-day event with thousands of participants, we have all your tournament needs covered.

Autoscaling tournament formats (bracket, round robin, arena,...)
Rules, fees and entry requirements
Registration, check-in
Invite-only events
Chaining and leagues
Prize distribution
Team/party management
Product screenshot

Ready to take your game to the next level?

Create a unique tournament experience tailored to your audience. Contact our team to find the best solution for your game!