Stumble Guys

An immensely popular online obstacle course Battle Royale game with a global player base of over 100 million users. With its engaging gameplay and escalating chaos, Stumble Guys has become a favourite among gamers worldwide.

100M +
10,000 +

Scaling up

TournamentSDK empowered Stumble Guys to create, schedule, and automatically execute large-scale tournaments. It seamlessly handled the complex logistics of organizing events with tens of thousands of participants, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience for all in real-time.

A streamer playing in his personalized tournament against thousands of his followers (2023)

Creating unforgettable gaming moments

Personalized tournaments present a new way for streamers to engage with their audience and e unique gaming experiences. Whether it’s a small-scale tournament exclusive to their loyal viewers or a large-scale event inviting players from all around, personalized tournaments allow streamers to deepen their connection with their audience and offer them a chance to compete alongside their favorite content creators.
This not only adds an exciting element to the streaming experience but also provides streamers with additional content opportunities as they share the highlights and memorable moments from these personalized tournaments on their platforms.

Celebrating international women's day with $25,000 tournament

Growing Discord Community

Leveraging Discord integration enables players to easily join tournaments, stay updated on upcoming events and enjoy well-deserved moments of glory. This fostered a strong sense of community among players, enhancing engagement and participation.

To further enhance the competitive edge, Stumble Guys included entry fees and rewards for tournaments.

“In my case, if this game did not have tournaments it would a residual application on my mobile phone.”

zAcat0 – Stumbler

Scaling up

TournamentSDK proved to be a highly scalable solution for Stumble Guys. As the game experienced rapid growth, TournamentSDK effortlessly accommodated the increasing player base. Stumble Guys now organizes daily events for over 40,000 players in real-time, ensuring a seamless tournament experience for all participants.

Source: Stumble Guys player survey "How do Stumble Guys tournaments compare to other tournaments you've played?" (2022)

Results and Benefits

The collaboration between Stumble Guys and TournamentSDK yielded impressive results and benefits for both the game and its player community:

  • Thousands of Hours of YouTube Content
    Major tournaments held weekly and daily mid-size events provided content creators with exciting gameplay to cover. This led to numerous live streams with thousands of views during tournaments and the production of hundreds of new videos across various platforms.
  • World-Class Tournament Experience
    88% of the Stumble Guys community responded positively to the in-game tournaments facilitated by TournamentSDK. Players compared these tournaments to those of popular games like Rocket League, Call of Duty, and Brawl Stars, finding them comparable or even better.
  • Unique Game Content and Expansion
    With TournamentSDK, Stumble Guys unlocked a whole new category of game content. Originally the only mode players could play was a multi-round match of 32 solo players, the integration allowed the introduction of 1v1 battles, duos and even team-based soccer-like matches. This expansion of gameplay offerings significantly enhanced the player experience while minimizing development time.

Thanks to the integration of TournamentSDK, Stumble Guys successfully transformed into a competitive tournament title, offering a world-class gaming experience to its millions of players worldwide. Stumble Guys now stands as a leader in the eSports arena compared to its rivals. The collaboration between Stumble Guys and TournamentSDK has generated thousands of hours of compelling YouTube content and expanded the game's offering, much to the delight of its passionate player community.

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