Grow your community with in-game tournaments

Elevate your game with our industry-leading competitive events solution. Since 2019 Tournament SDK makes running large-scale tournaments simple. This easy-to-use SDK empowers you to create and run custom tournaments directly within your game. We have already surpassed 100,000 events with 30 million competitors!

The Ultimate Competitive Edge

Creating personalized competitive events has never been so simple. TournamentSDK provides everything you need to plan, manage, and analyze tournaments. Whether you've got a 100 players Battle Royale shooter or a heads-up CCG, TournamentSDK is suitable for any competitive games wanting real-time competitive events.

Give your community and marketing teams the necessary tool to create the best competitive events at scale:

  • All formats you can imagine
    Single, Double elimination brackets, Round robin, Arena, and more. Combine them in multi-stage events.
  • Fully automated tournament orchestration
    From sign-up, through matchmaking, to prize distribution. Sit back and enjoy watching players in action.
  • Scalable, reliable, and always available
    Tens, hundreds and thousands of players can compete.

Empower your engineering team to focus on perfecting gameplay with TournamentSDK’s easy setup:

  • Import the SDK
    Kick-start the integration with ready-made screens that are perfect for testing and easy to customize.
  • Connect your backend
    Authenticate your players and use the full potential of tournaments through entry fees and rewards.
  • Manage your tournaments online
    After the first integration, no more code adjustments are needed. All tournaments are scheduled and managed via online dashboard.

TournamentSDK empowered Stumble Guys to create, schedule, and automatically execute large-scale tournaments. It seamlessly handled the complex logistics of organizing events with tens of thousands of participants, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience for all in real-time.

Stumble guys streamer playing in his personalized tournament against thousands of his followers

Create Unforgettable Moments

Personalized tournaments present a new way for streamers to engage with their audience. Whether it’s a small-scale tournament exclusive to their loyal viewers or a large-scale event inviting players from all around, personalized tournaments allow streamers to deepen their connection with their audience and offer them a chance to compete alongside their favorite content creators.

This not only adds an exciting element to the streaming experience but also provides streamers with additional content opportunities as they share the highlights and memorable moments from these personalized tournaments on their platforms.

Benefits of Tailored Tournaments

Here's how TournamentSDK can boost your game:

  • 📺 Thousands of Hours of YouTube Content
    Weekly major tournaments and daily mid-size events provide content creators with exciting gameplay to cover. This leads to numerous live streams during tournaments and the production of hundreds of new videos across various platforms.
  • 👥 Supercharge Your Community
    Celebrate your best players and promote important upcoming events. Set up a centralized hub for all your game’s competitive events allowing players to follow important tournaments even when they are not in the game.
  • 🎮 Unique Game Content and Expansion
    Introduce a larger variety of competitive events such as 1v1 battles, duos, and even team-based soccer-like matches. This expansion of gameplay offerings using TournamentSDK significantly enhances the player experience while minimizing development time.

Ready to take your game to the next level?

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