Tips on creating a thriving Gaming Community on Discord

Keeping a community engaged is one of the greatest challenges developers can face. To meet this challenge, it’s vital to design your Discord server with engagement as a core concept. Regardless if you are an indie or already established studio these tips will help you get the maximum out of your gaming community.

1. Community Support

The most important thing you can plan for your community space is support. This will answer core questions such as “how many moderators are needed?” and “how do we ensure community members feel heard?”.


Moderators ensure your Discord server runs smoothly. Each moderator may have their own section of the Discord server to monitor or may have specific days/times. A good starting point could be one moderator for every 100 community members, but this will vary based on your community’s needs. Empower your moderators with clear processes and structures to follow so they understand how and when to escalate situations.

Requesting help

To create healthy boundaries between moderators and community members, you should have clear guidelines on how community members can request help. It is often against guidelines to allow community members to direct message moderators. Instead, you can create a ticket support system with the Tickets bot. Create different ticket categories for community members to choose from as well as instructions on what information to provide.

2. Tailored onboarding

Next up is creating an emotional connection between your community members and your Discord server. This will encourage your community members to form friendships within your Discord server.

Guidelines and Expectations

One of the most difficult things new community members experience is understanding correct behaviour. Utilise the Rules feature in Discord Community, ensure the channel stands out, and clearly list behaviour guidelines. These should be drafted and finalised when planning the Discord server. Developers and moderators will be viewed as the model of correct behaviour, so you need to be seen following the guidelines.

3. Regular Activities

Whether activities are every week, every two weeks or every month, it’s important to create a regular activities schedule. Luckily, Discord has an Events calendar on your Discord server.

Scheduled topics and discussions

Weekly discussions about a topic anyone can answer are sure-fire to get new community members involved. The routine and structure provide accessibility which can boost their confidence, especially in a sea of people they don’t yet know. This encourages community members to make new friends and sub-communities.

In-Game events

Enable players to easily join in-game events and bring their interest back to your game. By integrating in-game events with Discord, you can cultivate a strong sense of community and foster long-term engagement.

These events must be user-friendly, rewarding, and highly anticipated, which can be a challenging feat for any game development studio.

This is where in-game tournaments are excellent. They unite your gaming community and craft unforgettable experiences. Tournaments introduce a new level of gameplay that significantly enhances community interaction.

Convert influencers into core members of your community

Customized tournaments offer streamers a unique method to connect with their audience. Whether hosting intimate tournaments for loyal followers or large-scale events open to players worldwide, personalized tournaments enable streamers to strengthen their bond with viewers and provide an opportunity for fans to compete alongside their favourite content creators.

It enhances the streaming experience and grants streamers additional content possibilities as they showcase memorable moments from tailored tournaments on their channels.

Personalised events will give you extra leverage to persuade streamers to focus on your game rather than any of the other thousands of games on the market.

Stumble guys streamer playing in his personalized tournament against thousands of his followers

4. Boost Engagement with Tournaments SDK

Create the best tournament experience tailored to your gaming audience. Seamlessly handle the complex logistics of organizing events with tens of thousands of participants, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience for all in real-time.

“When we implemented tournaments into Soccer Battle a community sprung up that has a level of competition and dedication we have never seen in any of our games before. There are many Discord servers of different clubs now that compete and also provide a lot of great feedback on our updates.”

CEO of DoubleTap Software

TournamentSDK is compatible with all Unity and Unreal games. The easy-to-use SDK seamlessly plugs into your game, giving you access to a comprehensive, fully automated tournament platform.

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