Explore the possibilities of Tournament SDK

The easy-to-implement SDK plugs straight into your game giving you access to a comprehensive tournament backend with all these features.

Tournament bracket

Automated tournament experience

No need to manage each tournament daily. Our system is created to be fully autonomous and run all the events for you once you set it up. Sit back and enjoy watching your players in action.

Scheduling and recurrency

Schedule tournaments and set them as recurring the same way as you would schedule a meeting in your calendar.


Ready for games of any genre

Run tournaments in any competitive games that need real-time eSport style tournaments whenever it is 100 players Battle Royale shooter or a heads-up CCG.

A wide selection of formats

Choose the perfect format for your tournament from Single or double elimination bracket to Round-robin groups, Bracket groups, and even the Swiss arena. You can even combine multiple formats in 1 tournament to create the perfect experience.

Integrated user experience

Handle all tournament actions within your Game UI - registration, tournament activities, collecting rewards, etc. A seamless user experience that you can build from scratch or use our Unity templates for a quick start.

Fuly customisable and localised

Use your creativity and customize anything from tournament image and color to a twitch streamer link. Enhance the experience with localized content and events. This makes tournaments great new content for your games.

Game economy

Connected with your game’s economy

Automatically deduct tournament entry fees from player’s gaming account and reward the best ones with exclusive goodies.

Seamlessly integrated with your backend service

Connect your backend service to sync all the necessary data to make maximum out of your tournaments. Don’t have a backend service? - no problem, you can use Tournament SDK without any limitation through our tournament data storage.

Photon Cloud

Reliability of the photon cloud

Thanks to Photon Cloud you can completely concentrate on your game while running tournaments, server operations, and scaling are all taken care of.